As an agency owner, you’ll face unique challenges at every stage of your business journey. Digital Agency Infographic Julian Hobbs Chartered Accountant WelwynYounger and Startup Agencies


Julian Hobbs Chartered Accountant Welwyn Digital Agency Start Up

We are an accomplished firm of Accountants for Digital Agencies in Hertfordshire. We’ll save you considerable time and provide everything needed to support your success.

It is vital to make a good choice of trading vehicles before the business becomes established. We can help you decide between a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), a Limited Company (Ltd), a standard partnership or a sole-trader business.

From the outset, having an experienced finance partner on hand is ideal for keeping your business records accurate and up to date. You will need regular profit and loss reports and to regularly consider your cash flow position as your business develops. We can help with that!

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Established and Growing Agencies

Julian Hobbs Chartered Accountant Welwyn Digital Agnency Established

As your agency grows, cash flow monitoring becomes increasingly important. You will likely need to expand your team, which can place cash demands on your finances. If you pay your staff at the end of the month, but your customers have negotiated payment terms, financing is complex!

We can solve these problems by planning and modelling your cash flow demands.

As your agency expands, you will need to attract and retain key staff. We can advise on designing and setting up staff incentive and retention schemes, including the HMRC-approved EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive) Scheme. Established Agencies may also need advice on R&D Tax Credit claims for qualifying activities too.

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Choose an Accountant skilled and experienced in the exact requirements of the Digital Agency sector. At Julian Hobbs & Co, we work with Digital and Creative Agencies, so we will advise you on all the above challenges. 

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