6 ways to increase E-commerce Sales

6 ways to increase your E-commerce Sales

For any E-Commerce business, having the right products and doing adequate marketing are essential.  However, don’t forget that having a well designed e-com website can also help maximise your transaction value.  

Site design is also the one thing many e-commerce retailers find the hardest to solve.  Product range can be solved easily, agencies can help you with your marketing but having an evolving site-design can be elusive to achieve. 


So, here’s 6 ways you can set your site up to drive increased sales!


  1. Offer free shipping over a certain basket size. Have you seen those notices on a website offering free shipping for all basket sizes over, say, £40?  Well, they can ,and do, make a difference in upping that basket size.  


  1. Use a technique known as “Loss Aversion”. By showing the normal price of an item being discounted, ‘loss aversion’ on the part of the customer can kick in.  Put differently, this is the fear that the price will return to the original price at some point in the near future.   (Obviously be aware of the trading rules regarding showing discounted and un-discounted prices.)


  1. Respond to those ‘incomplete baskets’ (transactions not actually completed). In some cases you can go back to your unchecked out customer and offer an incentive to complete the transaction.  They may just have forgotten about the prospective purchase, and this might be the trigger needed to complete it.  Have notifications in place so your e-commerce platform notifies you at the end of the day of incomplete transactions.


  1. Show ‘Only x items left’.  When you are down to low stock on a product line, be sure to show ‘only x items left’ on the product page. As this number gets lower it might spur your customers on to make that purchase!


  1. On your product page, include a note saying ‘delivered on xx/xx/xx’. This helps move your customers’ thought processes on past the ‘should I buy or not’ decision, and onto actually imagining their goods showing up on their doorstep.  Once your customer is imagining the goods being delivered, your sale is more likely to complete.


  1. ‘You might like….. ‘ Have a section on your product pages called ‘You also might like’ that shows other products that your customer might be interested in. These could be alternative products to the one they are searching for, or even a complementary product.  For example, if a customer is selling, say, a computer mechanical keyboard, you might want to suggest batteries and USB C cables too.


This is just 6 tips and tricks than help increase the average value of your e-commerce sale transaction.


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